Monday, June 13, 2011

Me made June '11 update

    It's almost mid June and I have to admit that keeping up with my promise for Me Made June '11 has not been easy. I always wear my creations, but doing it every day... hmm that is a bit tricky, especially when I have to get dressed for work and I'm sleepy and time runs ... 
   Here is my major problem :

    Dresses :

   and that's it! It's been so long since I last sewn a pair of pants that they no longer exist in my wardrobe! Plus, few of these dresses and skirts don't fit my any more and I have to alter them... and I admit it I'm lazy these days. 
    Zoe, who came up with Me Made June challenge was right. This a challenge for learning. I soon found out that I have to expand my sewing variety and maybe sew matching items. I admit I get carried away with bold coloured or printed fabrics. Mmm I have to do some thinking about this...

See you around

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