Sunday, November 27, 2011

Trims in order

     When you have a growing stash, you want things to be in order, so that you remember what you have and how much of it. If you want that once I want it ten times!  You can call me a control freak... but not to my face!  
    I had trims all over the place and I kept forgetting what I had... not really convenient while working on a project. Imagine having to pause your thoughts, sewing, designing and everything else just to look through your stash of ribbons, tapes, pippings etc... Not any more!

     I found this metal pants hanger which was ideal. I rolled every ribbon, tape and pipping around kitchen paper rolls, that are made of hard carton. I secured the roles from falling off the hanger with an elastic band.

    And then I had more trims to organize. I found this spare plastic pants hanger in my closet. I used my little saw to cut right at the edge and then I closed it with a soft wire.

     I know it doesn't look very fancy, but now I can find everything with a glimpse! I keep the rest of my trims, that were not long enough to roll and other miscellaneous stuff in this transparent bag.

My hanger inspiration came from this pic, that I found on Pinterest.
Go check my Storage and Organizing board if you like.

See you around

Decorations of red on a (green Christmas) tree

... sang The King! What a velvet voice! Ok this is my tree - wall sticker in my room.

Isn't it cute?

Since it's a tree it has to be decorated for Christmas!

What do you think?

Christmas or Cherry tree I like it!

See you around

Monday, November 21, 2011

I picked up knitting again

What, you don't believe me?
Here it is!

It is going to be a wrap.
Quite big indeed...

While my sewing machine was broken, I had to do something.
I tidied up almost everything.
Planned new projects.
Did a few drawing, like the one for my sofa bed cover.
But still it wasn't enough!

I remembered I had this half-finished wrap and I picked it up again.
I have to admit it took me a while to remember how to knit, but now I'm on fire!

I may have said this before, but knitting for me is a couch/tv hobby.
I mean I can't just start knitting.
I have to be relaxed and comfortable on my couch and watch (mostly listen to) tv.
Don't even ask about mistakes...
They tend to happen a lot, but this fluffy yarn hides them. Shhh!
Unfortunately if the mistake is big, I can't undo the knitting,
because this fluffy yarn will twist it's self and make a mess.
Anyway, just a 3rd of the wrap is left to be done.
It desperately has to be blocked afterwards, in order to see the lacy design.
I've never knit lace before... let's wait and see.

See you around

Saturday, November 19, 2011

New couch!... almost

    I made a cover for my couch and it feels like new!
This is my IKEA sofa bed for the guest room.

Before, in it's original cover.

We got it in white, because it came much more expensive in the colourful covers.
When I saw the price I thought, hey I can make it for less!
It took me a while, but here it is!

And matching cushions.

The square pillow is reversible!

My original intention was not making a cover with different fabrics,
but since I was given these scraps, 
which turned out to be huge, I couldn't resist the challenge.

It only took some brainstorming!

I made pipping my self too.

See you around

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Burda 12/2011 full preview

    Hello there! What have you been up to? Any projects in process? I  have nothing for the time being. My beloved sewing machine is still at the doctor and I'm expecting to hear news any time soon. Meanwhile I've been tidying up anything you can imagine. Closets, drawers, trims, threads spools, fabric, books, notes, magazines. Just keeping busy until she gets back to me...
Ok let's start this preview.
I must say I'm excited with this issue.
I see new lines. I see hip designs and evening wear patterns you should have in your stash, just in case.

First of all, you would notice this line on coats, like a pencil skirt.

Fur coat
This coat made me thinking about a fur coat...
maybe if I'll run into the right fur...

Pink coat
(I'm  not really fond of this one)

Teal dress in plus size

This is lovely, isn't it?

Don't you just adore this Charlestone dress?

I recently watched Midnight in Paris, by Woody Alen and I loved that era all over again.

I still like this one, but I know it wouldn't fit me right.
Maybe if I added darts, front and back and...
mmm, I would end up with a different dress...

And now my favorite patterns.
Night gowns.
Love, love, love.

You can find this twisty design for a blouse too

I wish I had this issue two weeks ago...

That's it for now.
Tell me what you think.

See you around

Monday, November 7, 2011

Beware of tutorials

    I feel I have to share this short story with you. I found on line this clever tutorial about how to make a bath mat out of old towels. I thought great, it's eco friendly, I love DIY and it's going to be cheap. I'm not going to tell you which tutorial it was, cause I don't want to link back to them in any way.
    The tutorial followed the idea of T-shirt yarn and you would have to cut strips of towels. Have you ever cut a towel? It unravels like crazy, your whole working space and house will end up with thousand of small threads that stick on every fabric.
   So I though, hey maybe the ones that wrote the tutorial have some trick. I commented under that tutorial asking how they managed the towel unravelling. A couple of days later I went back to that webpage, to see if I had some answer and they had deleted my comment! Yes they deleted a comment that showed the flaw in their tutorial, not giving to any of the readers an answer or  helping any of us saving time and money from a disastrous project.
    Ok no big deal,  I can live without that bath mat and I can make one with T- shirt yarn. Just don't believe anything that has a tutorial tag on it.

See you around

Burda 12/2011 early preview

    This will be last issue for 2011, let's see!

Jacket and skirt, nice ha?

105 1211 B

I like this too, but it looks kind off summery and I'm afraid the design is boxy...
let's wait for the technical drawing.

102 1211 B

Lovely picture. Nice retro feeling...
but I wouldn't sew it...

109B 1211 B

What's with the eyebrows? Are they back in fashion???

Nice and classic. It would be ideal if I could find such a fur.
114 1211 B

It goes for this one too.
Give me that fur and I'll wear it!

113 1211 B

I wish I had this pattern, when I decided to sew a dress for a wedding last week.
I'll tell you all about it soon.
I loooove it. So classy and flowy!
123 1211 B

Is your dog names Sherlock? Then you should make this!

148 1211 B

That's it for now.
These are the highlights in my opinion. I like this issue.
You can view the rest of the preview here.

See you around
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