Thursday, June 28, 2012

Burda 7/2012

     I was trying to find the right words for this post for days now. I didn't! I'm not thrilled by this issue either. There is only one dress I like and it's the main reason I did buy the issue. I got to like that dress more because I found this ideal fabric for it. I hope I'll have time in the following to sew it. Lately my time has been so limited traveling and taking exams. I have not sewn for at least a month and a half and I have not found time to show you all whan I sew before things got so tight. I'm optimistic about the rest of the summer. I have two more summer dresses to sew. At least two, that's my main goal. I'm also going to make a navy style purse and couple of things for presents. If I meet these goal I'll be very happy and by the end of August I'll start planning for autumn and winter sewing.
    So here are this issue's models that might interest you, starting with my favourite one.

Modell Photo

I know it probably doesn't look like anything to special, but with the right fabric it can become! It's a vintage pattern, from the 50's, supposed to be a working out garment, accompanied with shorts, but they altered, omitted the shorted and lengthend the hem.

I really really like this one too, probably most because of the colour combination...

Kleid - Schluppe, Nahttaschen 109 0712 B

...but I know it wouldn't look good on me. The pattern is boxy and my curvy back would look weird, I would end up adding darts and it would be a totally different dress. I'm keeping the inspiration though.

Here's a few vintage looking dresses too. Don't get me wrong, I like the style, I adore anything vintage, but I probably wouldn't sew them. It's nice to have the patterns though.

Kleid - tiefe Taille 101 0712 B
Kleid - Godets, Chiffonbänder 112 0712 B
Kleid - Wasserfallausschnitt, Godets 102 0712 B 
If by any chance you are a tango dancer make the last one,
 I'm sure you would look fabulous on the dance floor

This is a quite interesting dress

Kleid - Puffärmel 131 0712 B

and there's a skirt with interesting darts that I'd like to try some time
Rock - figurbetont, Gehschlitz 120 0712 B

I totally adore this top's colours and style, but it's nothing more than two scarves, which I would be luckier than Gastone Mc Duck if I could find them anywhere, so...

Modell Photo

The plus size collection is much more interesting and quite lucky girls!

Rock - sichtbare Abnäher 134 0712 B
Kleid - Ausschnittblende 139 0712 B
Rock - Volant 138 0712 B
I loooooove this skirt, so summery, so simple yet so special!

See you around

Friday, June 1, 2012

Summer dress 1

    I'm very proud of my self, because this is the first time that I've been sewing summer garments ahead of summer! Usually I start sewing the season's look while deep into the season and as you can imagine I'm rushing into things and never meet my goals. So right after finishing my wool cape I picked up this half finished dress from last year. It was left half finished because I started it in late September and since the weather got all chilly I left it half done. 

   It is made of linen with embroidered hem. I didn't want to mess with the hem so I eliminated the side seams and made them as darts! In order to achieve that, I placed all 3 pattern pieces (one front and two sides) right next to each other and created a continuous hem line. So that way I managed to have only one back seam.

(the back zip is not twisted all the time...bad moment I just found out, sorry)

I used the pattern I had used for my blue lace dress last year, lowering the back a little.

     I can't understand why, but when I added the lining, a light beige loosely woven cotton, the fitting kind of changed. I don't mind any way, but I'm still wondering why!
    I didn't really want to use lining, but I had too, because do these little windows over here. And who cares when I'm standing, but when sitting down... not a good point of view... not at all!

    The embroidered hem of course is that made me buy this fabric. Firstly I thought about making a circle skirt, but then I came to be very fond of this look, a simple dress with a little something.

This is the back seam. I tried to have the motif continuous, but I didn't have enough fabric and that was my best choice.

This is the darted side seam.

and these are all vertical seams

front in details
 (those american shoulders make my arms look muscular haha)

back in details

I used my favourite bias finishing method.

See you around

P.S. This is summer dress one, because I have planned 2 more. This is the basic plan and I'll very happy if I get to stick to it!

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