Monday, August 29, 2011

Another back slit problem solved

     If you've read or tried out my tutorial of How to fix a torn back slit of a dress/skirt, this is another version of it, based on the same idea. 
    So I bought this beautiful linen dress, that had a huge back slit, rising way to high up. So I had to take it down a bit. But as you can see the linen is so delicate, I would definitely have to strengthen that seam, or it would get badly torn. 

    In my previous tutorial I used interfacing, but this fabric is so transparent it would look ridiculous. Interfacing only comes in white and black, so no luck with that. I didn't have any seam tape around and a piece of twill tape I found, was in white.
     Luckily I found in my stash (which is always great to have) a piece of matching colour ribbon!

    So here's what I did. I ripped the seams, placed the two pieces together and pinned them. On the seam line to be, I pinned half the ribbon and I pinned the other half on the other side. So my needle would meet ribbon - fabric - fabric - ribbon. Got it?

I stitched over it, for as long as I wanted to shorted that huge back slit.

Pressed open really good and if I use my strong camera flash you can see the ribbon shinning there

but it doesn't show with bare eye!

I didn't touch the slit on the lining, for more walking ease.

See you around

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Back for good :-(

     I'm back from vacations :-(
    I don't feel like sewing though... that's weird, but it's probably because I'm still mentally swimming in blue seas and taking long walks in sandy beaches. 
    Just before I left for my last trip to Crete, I couldn't help it and I made one more shirred dress. These are the best. Easy to make, easy to fit for almost anyone and with a few accessories you can look stunning. This last one was made for my friend Popi.
    Here is my little model at Knossos Palace

and then for shopping

    I used this beautiful white cotton eyelet. I lined the dress with white cotton and for it's one back seam I used a French seam. I was too excited and in such a hurry, cause I was travelling the next day and I didn't take photos of the finished dress... 

See you around

Friday, August 19, 2011

These are mine!

A childish statement to show my happiness about having these lovely patterns in my hands.
Oh I'm going to have so much fun sewing these lovely garments.

Lovely jacket by McCall's. I love its shape.

Beautiful basic dress, with pencil skirt.
I believe the black and white choice will make any woman look slimmer.
An ombre effect could be created too.

Trench coat!
I actually bought this one for the black coat option.
Lovely neck and sleeves.

Oh I wanted this dress pattern sooooo bad.
Look at the shape of it.
Prints will work good too, because of the few seems.

One more dress from Butterick.

You know I keep saying I don't have enough blouses...
so here is one more pattern...for the pattern stash, cause I haven't sewn anyone yet!


I hope I'll be able to sew this one during October.
I would first have to find out how to deal with a two sided fabric...
Any ideas? Especially about the hems...


And finally, my pride.
I fell in love with this dress. Vogue and Donna Karan of course!
I don't have any fabric that will do in my stash, so this calls for some fabric shopping!
As if I wouldn't anyway! ha ha

See you around

Monday, August 15, 2011

New patterns around

    Last night in Athens, before I leave for my final trip this summer and since I'm all packed I've nothing better to do, but search the web for new patterns. I know I won't be able to sew even two of them, because I already have a long list, but it's nice to know what's around, right?

I found this Butterick Suzi Chin pattern really interesting. I love the draping. 

Do you like this one?


The pattern is not so unique but I'm in love with that brush effect fabric. 

Isn't this adorable? Oh I love Donna Karan designs so much! It's a two piece outfit.


I love this one too, by Vena Cava


I wish I had seen this one soon enough to sew it for summer vacations.
If you've read old posts of mine you will know I'm not a big fun of jumpsuits or even playsuits, but this one is lovely... next year!

I totally want this one

Linen would be wonderful for it. I wish I had it in my suitcase...

Ok it's time to go to sleep, I'm sailing tomorrow morning.

See you around

Burda 9/2011 full preview

    I'm telling you, this issue let me down so much, I'm tempted to tell you go look the full preview on your own, but that would not be nice... so I'll try put something together.

    It turns out that jumpsuits will be around for the winter too!

I like this blouse. The zip detail is unique. I wouldn't sew it though, at least for now.


How about this dress?
Interesting sleeves, don't you think?


Here it is as a blouse too


This got me thinking.
I see the photo and I don't like it...

I go to the technical drawing and I'm thinking it looks better here...

Then I go to the model picture and I love it!
I like her hair a lot too.

Modell Photo

Here's the dress take too

This is a lovely basic plus size jacket


I love this plus size pattern too

I would also like to know if any of you makes it

Do you remember the Antik Batik tunik, pattern in August's issue, that I though it resembles a lot to a dress pattern of this issue? Well I take it back! To be honest I can't really tell a huge difference on the dress that the model wears, but I totally love the technical drawing and maybe an one coloured fabric would show all the design details.


If you want to see the rest of the full preview (there's a lot of it, I left the whole Folk section out in this post) please click here.

See you around 

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Burda 9/2011 early preview

    Back in Athens for a day and a half and I saw the early preview up in Burda site. 
    Is it just me being in a summery mood, thinking about shirred dresses, with light fabrics and white eyelets or this issue is ...? I cannot find the word, you name it!
    First of all it's too autumn-y for my taste right now and secondly it reminds me of the story of Heidi in the Alps! You know the one that the little girls was left to grow up with her grandfather and eventually got to love the nature etc.
    I've learned by now that an early preview holds half of the full preview, but I only like one pattern right now and believe me it's not hard to tell which one!

Would you sew any of the models above?
Which one and why?
I would really love to hear your opinion.

Now we change era.
This part of the preview reminds me the patterns that Burda published about a year or so ago.

Does this remind you of anything?

Doesn't it look just like this one from issue 8/2011?

In the last issue the pattern is for a tunic, designed by Antik Batik brand.

I'm guessing you can tell this next one is my only favourite!
Will I buy the issue for this one? Hmm... let me see the full preview first.

(why is she wearing these ugly panty hoses?)

See you around

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