Friday, August 19, 2011

These are mine!

A childish statement to show my happiness about having these lovely patterns in my hands.
Oh I'm going to have so much fun sewing these lovely garments.

Lovely jacket by McCall's. I love its shape.

Beautiful basic dress, with pencil skirt.
I believe the black and white choice will make any woman look slimmer.
An ombre effect could be created too.

Trench coat!
I actually bought this one for the black coat option.
Lovely neck and sleeves.

Oh I wanted this dress pattern sooooo bad.
Look at the shape of it.
Prints will work good too, because of the few seems.

One more dress from Butterick.

You know I keep saying I don't have enough blouses...
so here is one more pattern...for the pattern stash, cause I haven't sewn anyone yet!


I hope I'll be able to sew this one during October.
I would first have to find out how to deal with a two sided fabric...
Any ideas? Especially about the hems...


And finally, my pride.
I fell in love with this dress. Vogue and Donna Karan of course!
I don't have any fabric that will do in my stash, so this calls for some fabric shopping!
As if I wouldn't anyway! ha ha

See you around


Jane S. said...

You are single-handedly responsible for me thinking about sewing garments again -- and I haven't done that for nearly 20 years! Quilts, yes, but the last time I sewed any clothing for myself was when I was pregnant.

That McCall's jacket and the blue Butterick dress are yummy!

Maria said...

Did I do that? Your comment made me so happy! You know there are always easy projects to start with. Let me know what you're up to sewing.

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