Monday, August 15, 2011

New patterns around

    Last night in Athens, before I leave for my final trip this summer and since I'm all packed I've nothing better to do, but search the web for new patterns. I know I won't be able to sew even two of them, because I already have a long list, but it's nice to know what's around, right?

I found this Butterick Suzi Chin pattern really interesting. I love the draping. 

Do you like this one?


The pattern is not so unique but I'm in love with that brush effect fabric. 

Isn't this adorable? Oh I love Donna Karan designs so much! It's a two piece outfit.


I love this one too, by Vena Cava


I wish I had seen this one soon enough to sew it for summer vacations.
If you've read old posts of mine you will know I'm not a big fun of jumpsuits or even playsuits, but this one is lovely... next year!

I totally want this one

Linen would be wonderful for it. I wish I had it in my suitcase...

Ok it's time to go to sleep, I'm sailing tomorrow morning.

See you around


Claire (aka Seemane) said...

I like the playsuit pattern by Leko!

Maria said...

Isn't it lovely? It would look wonderful with a belt. I think I'll have it in my to do list for next summer.

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