Monday, August 15, 2011

Burda 9/2011 full preview

    I'm telling you, this issue let me down so much, I'm tempted to tell you go look the full preview on your own, but that would not be nice... so I'll try put something together.

    It turns out that jumpsuits will be around for the winter too!

I like this blouse. The zip detail is unique. I wouldn't sew it though, at least for now.


How about this dress?
Interesting sleeves, don't you think?


Here it is as a blouse too


This got me thinking.
I see the photo and I don't like it...

I go to the technical drawing and I'm thinking it looks better here...

Then I go to the model picture and I love it!
I like her hair a lot too.

Modell Photo

Here's the dress take too

This is a lovely basic plus size jacket


I love this plus size pattern too

I would also like to know if any of you makes it

Do you remember the Antik Batik tunik, pattern in August's issue, that I though it resembles a lot to a dress pattern of this issue? Well I take it back! To be honest I can't really tell a huge difference on the dress that the model wears, but I totally love the technical drawing and maybe an one coloured fabric would show all the design details.


If you want to see the rest of the full preview (there's a lot of it, I left the whole Folk section out in this post) please click here.

See you around 


Claire (aka Seemane) said...

Love that white blouse with the unusual pleat/tucks - which point to the neckline (I guess that they are unsewn / released bust darts?).

And all jumpsuits are cut to me - but going to the bathroom = not so easy LOL!

Maria said...

Yes you're right! A friend of mine avoided drinking water... not my style then, for one more reason!!!

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