Monday, August 29, 2011

Another back slit problem solved

     If you've read or tried out my tutorial of How to fix a torn back slit of a dress/skirt, this is another version of it, based on the same idea. 
    So I bought this beautiful linen dress, that had a huge back slit, rising way to high up. So I had to take it down a bit. But as you can see the linen is so delicate, I would definitely have to strengthen that seam, or it would get badly torn. 

    In my previous tutorial I used interfacing, but this fabric is so transparent it would look ridiculous. Interfacing only comes in white and black, so no luck with that. I didn't have any seam tape around and a piece of twill tape I found, was in white.
     Luckily I found in my stash (which is always great to have) a piece of matching colour ribbon!

    So here's what I did. I ripped the seams, placed the two pieces together and pinned them. On the seam line to be, I pinned half the ribbon and I pinned the other half on the other side. So my needle would meet ribbon - fabric - fabric - ribbon. Got it?

I stitched over it, for as long as I wanted to shorted that huge back slit.

Pressed open really good and if I use my strong camera flash you can see the ribbon shinning there

but it doesn't show with bare eye!

I didn't touch the slit on the lining, for more walking ease.

See you around

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