Friday, January 27, 2012

I can't get enough

   Why is this happening to me? New patterns on the market and I still haven't got in my hands the ones I ordered a few weeks ago. I want them all. I want a huge library of pattens. And of course, being me, I need a super system for categorizing, organising and finding. This time the new patterns are from Vogue. Let's take a look.

Donna Karan
She's always my favorite. 


Super elegant dress by Donna Karan of course


Simple but so elegant dress by Tracy Reese


I so love the back


This dress, by Tom and Linda Platt


kind of resembles this, in a more peaceful way!


I usually don't like asymmetric garments,
but there's something about this one


You can see the rest of the new Vogue Patterns, that didn't quite catch my eye here.

See you around

Credits given

    Hello! How are you? Have you been busy crafting and sewing? What have you been up to? I'm in the middle, more of a begining actually, of a big project. I'll let you know soon. I just wanted to say that lately Burda is following the fashion flow. The designs are hip, modern and you can read it as a fashion magine too. That wasn't  always the case. I've said a few things about this before, I don't want to repeat my self. Especially this late issue, 2/2012 is so lovely. I went fabric shopping yesterday, having that issue on hand and the lady in the store told me that these days everyone is coming with the Burda issue on hand! Well done to Burda! Thanks for all the good patterns and styling ideas. I cross my fingers for this project!

See you around

Monday, January 23, 2012


   This was a last minute project. Totally last minute actually! Remember the story about the cursed dress and the wedding? Well since my dress was so formal, I needed girly touch!
    I saw these cute headbands in a store and I found them really flattering, when I tried a few on. I love the way they look with my bangs. When I saw the price tag, I though "no way, I'm making this on my own!". They were really expensive, for absolutely no reason.
   Anyway, since all that nightmare was going on with the dress and my sewing machine (broken down sewing machine, while the dress was half finished and I was running out of time), I didn't find the time to make a headband...until 2 hours before the wedding. 
   I found this black elastic but plain head band in my drawer and all I needed was felt and beads. I love having a stash!

   I didn't use any pattern for the beading. I just decided I wanted circles and I started sewing the beads. I also applied a few hot fix rhinestones, with my new hot fix setter. They don't really show, but I'm pleased with the result, because this was the first time I ever used my hot fix setter. 
    It's super easy to make one. Just improvise. Imagination is the key.

See you around

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sneak peek -2-

   If you are wondering how my knitting is going... well it is not! With the help from the fabulous ladies in, I soon found out that I had chosen the wrong pattern for my yarn, so I had to give up. I found another pattern, that seems to be the right one, but I haven't given it a try yet.  Thankfully I was able to undo what I had knit so far and save some yarn. 

   So I started with this 

went to this

and got back to this!

By the way, there is no such thing as fast knitting...while there is fast sewing!
I think crocheting can be faster too.

See you around

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Burda 2/2012 preview

   So, February issue brings us colour blocking. Don't you love it? Vivid colours you never though you could  match together, look just perfect! This issue is not overall my style, but there are some really good patterns. Let's take a look. 

Here's a dress you don't see in every window.
I love the matte and shiny effect. I always do!
Look at this detail though. There is a side zip while there are pockets... this could be tricky,
but this shouldn't prevent you off sewing this dress in any way. 
If you find it impossible to get a good result as it is, just move the zip to the back.
Even if it won't be in the middle, it would look good.

I absolutely adore this design.
Look at the colour combination. The pattern lines. The back exposed zip.
I so want this one. 

You may have it as a pencil skirt too.
I'm not sure what I prefer most!

How about in one colour?

What do you think about this jacket?
I would love it for spring.

Cute right?

This issue also offers a really hip collection for mama's to be!
All the patterns are basic, so they can be embellished and adopted to any style. 





and dress

In the plus size section, you may find some basic patterns, that, with the right fabric selection, can be used as formal wear too.





That's most of it. I am getting this issue for that adorable colour blocked dress.
What's your reason?

See you around

Sneak peek

    I thought I should give a real knit project a try. Over the years I've knitted a few scarves, but this time I wanted a blouse or a cardigan. I saw this cute yarn on sale and I found a pattern of an (supposed to be) easy cardigan. This is the progress I made last night.

     Once again I chose mohair. I love it's texture, but it's not the easier yarn to knit with, especially with my skills. If I make any mistakes they can't be undone, because it's impossible to undo any stitches. So far so good! The goal is to make this cardigan 

from this book

Wish me luck!

See you around

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Sew me to look like her!

 I'm so happy when this happens!
Remember that McCall's lace dress pattern by Phoebe Couture (6505) I told you about the other day and then I ordered on sale?

This pattern is ideal for lace, because it has minimal seams.
Look what I found

This is Lauren Conrad in her Note by Marchesa dress.
It looks identical to me! 
Ok it's not, but it's very close and with the right lace choice you can make it.


The basic difference is the back.
The McCalls pattern has a deeper back, while the Marchesa dress doesn't.

large product image


Now I love it even more!

Line Art

Without being certain about that,
I also think the Marchesa dress has an under-dress with spaghetti straps,
while the McCalls dress is one piece.

Happy sewing everyone

See you around
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