Thursday, January 5, 2012

Sew me to look like her!

 I'm so happy when this happens!
Remember that McCall's lace dress pattern by Phoebe Couture (6505) I told you about the other day and then I ordered on sale?

This pattern is ideal for lace, because it has minimal seams.
Look what I found

This is Lauren Conrad in her Note by Marchesa dress.
It looks identical to me! 
Ok it's not, but it's very close and with the right lace choice you can make it.


The basic difference is the back.
The McCalls pattern has a deeper back, while the Marchesa dress doesn't.

large product image


Now I love it even more!

Line Art

Without being certain about that,
I also think the Marchesa dress has an under-dress with spaghetti straps,
while the McCalls dress is one piece.

Happy sewing everyone

See you around


Anonymous said...

Just saw your blog through searching and I bought this pattern on sale too. I've been in love with this dress Lauren wore for a long time and I actually prayed to God that when one of the sewing company make one very similar to it to let me know and he sure did answer my prayers(yes I'm christian )I haven't made the dress yet but I'm confused with part 20,24-30 mostly how to attach the dress with the lace under the armpit I think

Maria said...

I wish I could help you, but the patterns have not been shipped to me yet. If you are sewing the dress now, maybe you could take a look at, someone else may had the same problem.
Do you think it would look good in black?

Anonymous said...

Yes!. it would. i actually don't want to sew the underlining on the dress. I might just try and find a simple fitted dress and wear it under but yes it will look good in white or black but other colors I don't think.-Barbara-

Anonymous said...

Oh and here a website where you can buy lace

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