Friday, January 27, 2012

I can't get enough

   Why is this happening to me? New patterns on the market and I still haven't got in my hands the ones I ordered a few weeks ago. I want them all. I want a huge library of pattens. And of course, being me, I need a super system for categorizing, organising and finding. This time the new patterns are from Vogue. Let's take a look.

Donna Karan
She's always my favorite. 


Super elegant dress by Donna Karan of course


Simple but so elegant dress by Tracy Reese


I so love the back


This dress, by Tom and Linda Platt


kind of resembles this, in a more peaceful way!


I usually don't like asymmetric garments,
but there's something about this one


You can see the rest of the new Vogue Patterns, that didn't quite catch my eye here.

See you around

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