Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Stash oh my stash -2-

   Second afternoon spent organizing my fabric stash ... the one of garments to be fabric stash, because I have one huge pile of upholstery fabric that I was given for free. Actually it's more like scraps, but they are big enough for  many many projects. I made a sofa bed cover and it barely lost any height! 
   Any way I made progress today. I arranged all my winter fabrics on the left. Scraps are right above them and my summer fabrics and muslin on the right. I still need to figure out a few more things. How do I arrange my non fabric equipment, like leather, interfacing, small pieces of trims, ribbons etc? I also need to do something better with scraps, that pile will collapse too easy. Any ideas? How do you store your scraps?

See you around

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Stash oh my stash

     Hello all! After a weekend off sleep and eat I charged my batteries again and I'm on fire! I decided to do what I've been avoiding for so long... tidy up my fabric stash! I'm talking about hard work. I have to categorize my fabrics in winter and summer, linings and miscellaneous. Fold everything to fit the closet and probably think, in which order to place them, because sometimes it's really hard to pull out the one in the bottom!
   So if you enter my sewing room today you will find fabric all over the floor waiting for it's turn to be placed in the closet. I'm afraid I will have to find a new place for my knitting and embroidery stuff... See I mostly buy fabric because I like it. I may thing this will be for a dress or a jacket, but I rarely have a pattern in mind. So I buy a bit extra and when I sew the garment I just can't throw the left over scraps away... Scraps make a great stash. Not only you can use them to fix the original garment, if something should happen to it, but also for other projects, as trims, bias tape, lining etc So I have a lot of fabric! More than I can sew and more than my closet (of clothes, not fabric) could ever fit!
  How big is your stash? How often do you buy fabric? Do you buy it for a specific pattern or emotionally (kind like over eating!)? Let me know about your fabric shopping habits. I'll be back soon!

See you around

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Burda 3/2012 preview

    In this Burda issue, that weirdly was in the market here since mid February, there are a few patterns that stand out.

I particularly like this skirt, because of its unique front.

Skinny pants or leggings

Side zip jacket

Modest Chanel like jacket

Lace dress with sleeves!
That's a rare pattern to find.
Nothing more that side seams and side bust darts

Dress with defined waist.
I would love to try this out and see it works for my hollow waist.
I think it will because the back looks easily adjustable.
I could even use a different colour for those middle pattern pieces and make it look like a corsage!

Simple wedding dress.
I think this will be super easy to sew fast and impress at a summer party.

Those are the ones I liked the most and actually the reason I got this issue.
You may see the rest of the preview here.

Oh1 I almost forgot the best one!

Isnt' it lovely? Kind like the first one, but straight.
You'll be impressed to find that there is no actual pattern in the magazine.
It's actually a piece of fabric, folded in a certain way and with a center seam!

You will also find a great idea of how to make a sewing case, with all your essentials for the run!
(sorry no pic on this one)

Ok, I tried taking a photo from that magazine page.
Not the best one, but you can get the idea.

See you around

P.S. : I'm proud of my self. I managed to save me from buying yet more patterns, from the new offers at Vogue site! Come on.. Burda doesn't count, that's a magazine!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Chasing my tail

   Hello all! I know I have not been around much. I'm sorry for that. But in the following days I'll make it up to you! I have been sewing like crazy. While I was in the middle of a major project, involving a lot of hand sewing and all of my attention, I had to get into another great project for this event I have to attend. My graduation ceremony! I've been waiting for that for so long. I made the cover dress for BWF 2-2012!

110A 0112 B

    It's so weird seeing the same dress hanging in my sewing room and on the cover of the magazine! I used the same colours and I found a belt in the pretty pink, a bit darker though. I'm not sure if I'll wear the belt though, cause it doesn't match my shoes. I'll try to take good pictures from the ceremony to show you.

   Now I have to get back to chasing my tail, cause that's how it feels when you are constantly on the run, between work, family, friends, carnival parties and costume making (I'll show you these too) and all these sewing projects and alterations in my mind, I can't get to set a priority among them, because I want them all and I want them now! It still feels nice sewing for special occasions, even with limited time!

See you around
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