Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Burda 3/2012 preview

    In this Burda issue, that weirdly was in the market here since mid February, there are a few patterns that stand out.

I particularly like this skirt, because of its unique front.

Skinny pants or leggings

Side zip jacket

Modest Chanel like jacket

Lace dress with sleeves!
That's a rare pattern to find.
Nothing more that side seams and side bust darts

Dress with defined waist.
I would love to try this out and see it works for my hollow waist.
I think it will because the back looks easily adjustable.
I could even use a different colour for those middle pattern pieces and make it look like a corsage!

Simple wedding dress.
I think this will be super easy to sew fast and impress at a summer party.

Those are the ones I liked the most and actually the reason I got this issue.
You may see the rest of the preview here.

Oh1 I almost forgot the best one!

Isnt' it lovely? Kind like the first one, but straight.
You'll be impressed to find that there is no actual pattern in the magazine.
It's actually a piece of fabric, folded in a certain way and with a center seam!

You will also find a great idea of how to make a sewing case, with all your essentials for the run!
(sorry no pic on this one)

Ok, I tried taking a photo from that magazine page.
Not the best one, but you can get the idea.

See you around

P.S. : I'm proud of my self. I managed to save me from buying yet more patterns, from the new offers at Vogue site! Come on.. Burda doesn't count, that's a magazine!

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