Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Stash oh my stash -2-

   Second afternoon spent organizing my fabric stash ... the one of garments to be fabric stash, because I have one huge pile of upholstery fabric that I was given for free. Actually it's more like scraps, but they are big enough for  many many projects. I made a sofa bed cover and it barely lost any height! 
   Any way I made progress today. I arranged all my winter fabrics on the left. Scraps are right above them and my summer fabrics and muslin on the right. I still need to figure out a few more things. How do I arrange my non fabric equipment, like leather, interfacing, small pieces of trims, ribbons etc? I also need to do something better with scraps, that pile will collapse too easy. Any ideas? How do you store your scraps?

See you around

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