Saturday, November 19, 2011

New couch!... almost

    I made a cover for my couch and it feels like new!
This is my IKEA sofa bed for the guest room.

Before, in it's original cover.

We got it in white, because it came much more expensive in the colourful covers.
When I saw the price I thought, hey I can make it for less!
It took me a while, but here it is!

And matching cushions.

The square pillow is reversible!

My original intention was not making a cover with different fabrics,
but since I was given these scraps, 
which turned out to be huge, I couldn't resist the challenge.

It only took some brainstorming!

I made pipping my self too.

See you around


Butterfly said...

That looks so cool. Are you sure it's an Ikea couch? ;)

Maria said...

Totally! Sofa bed actually, but I can't find it in their new catalog. I got it last year.

Anonymous said...

you did a brilliant job, i am so have inspired me to give our old couches new life =)

Maria said...

Thank you! Let me know when you'll do it!

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