Monday, November 7, 2011

Beware of tutorials

    I feel I have to share this short story with you. I found on line this clever tutorial about how to make a bath mat out of old towels. I thought great, it's eco friendly, I love DIY and it's going to be cheap. I'm not going to tell you which tutorial it was, cause I don't want to link back to them in any way.
    The tutorial followed the idea of T-shirt yarn and you would have to cut strips of towels. Have you ever cut a towel? It unravels like crazy, your whole working space and house will end up with thousand of small threads that stick on every fabric.
   So I though, hey maybe the ones that wrote the tutorial have some trick. I commented under that tutorial asking how they managed the towel unravelling. A couple of days later I went back to that webpage, to see if I had some answer and they had deleted my comment! Yes they deleted a comment that showed the flaw in their tutorial, not giving to any of the readers an answer or  helping any of us saving time and money from a disastrous project.
    Ok no big deal,  I can live without that bath mat and I can make one with T- shirt yarn. Just don't believe anything that has a tutorial tag on it.

See you around


Butterfly said...

Not very nice. I think I know the tutorial. And I was just about to try it. So thanks for the warning :) BTW: Any idea as to why I can't post with my blogger account?

Maria said...

You're welcome! I am commenting with my Google account,that's the closest to Blogger... I'll look at the settings once again. Please try again.

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