Monday, November 7, 2011

Burda 12/2011 early preview

    This will be last issue for 2011, let's see!

Jacket and skirt, nice ha?

105 1211 B

I like this too, but it looks kind off summery and I'm afraid the design is boxy...
let's wait for the technical drawing.

102 1211 B

Lovely picture. Nice retro feeling...
but I wouldn't sew it...

109B 1211 B

What's with the eyebrows? Are they back in fashion???

Nice and classic. It would be ideal if I could find such a fur.
114 1211 B

It goes for this one too.
Give me that fur and I'll wear it!

113 1211 B

I wish I had this pattern, when I decided to sew a dress for a wedding last week.
I'll tell you all about it soon.
I loooove it. So classy and flowy!
123 1211 B

Is your dog names Sherlock? Then you should make this!

148 1211 B

That's it for now.
These are the highlights in my opinion. I like this issue.
You can view the rest of the preview here.

See you around

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