Sunday, November 27, 2011

Trims in order

     When you have a growing stash, you want things to be in order, so that you remember what you have and how much of it. If you want that once I want it ten times!  You can call me a control freak... but not to my face!  
    I had trims all over the place and I kept forgetting what I had... not really convenient while working on a project. Imagine having to pause your thoughts, sewing, designing and everything else just to look through your stash of ribbons, tapes, pippings etc... Not any more!

     I found this metal pants hanger which was ideal. I rolled every ribbon, tape and pipping around kitchen paper rolls, that are made of hard carton. I secured the roles from falling off the hanger with an elastic band.

    And then I had more trims to organize. I found this spare plastic pants hanger in my closet. I used my little saw to cut right at the edge and then I closed it with a soft wire.

     I know it doesn't look very fancy, but now I can find everything with a glimpse! I keep the rest of my trims, that were not long enough to roll and other miscellaneous stuff in this transparent bag.

My hanger inspiration came from this pic, that I found on Pinterest.
Go check my Storage and Organizing board if you like.

See you around

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