Saturday, December 3, 2011

My first pincushion!

    Do you use pincushions? I don't! I have this old metal box, that used to contain mints. I keep it close to my machine and I'm perfectly happy with it. I have a strong magnet in it too, because accidents do happen and all those pins end up on the floor from time to time.
    I never felt the need of a pincushion. I only have this cute little pig, that was actually made to be a small (too small) bath sponge, where I keep a few needles to be handy. 

    I also have a basic wrist pincushion, I use when I'm adjusting fitting, while I have the garment on. But when I saw this tutorial, by I couldn't resist! I had to have one of my own! I waited and waited until I found the perfect candle stick to use as a base. I didn't find the perfect one. Actually I did. Ok, I'll explain. The perfect one was crystal, didn't cost much at all, but I know it wouldn't last too long. Once it fell down, it would end up in million of pieces... so I settled for this metal one, that won't break no matter what!

Isn't it cute? 
35 cm hight!

I was quite lucky to find this wooden bead in my stash. 
It used to embellish an old blouse of mine.
(Never through way a garment without taking off whatever can be used again!
I'm happy I had this, because it has just the perfect size and I didn't really like the 
idea of Christmas ornament, as they used in the tutorial.

Do you like it with pins on?
I don't really... It's weird having pins on a human body...

I say go ahead and try this pincushion. 
It's super easy. Takes no more than half an hour to complete.
It's great as a gift and if you won't use it as a pincushion (as I won't) 
it's beautiful as a decorative aspect in your sewing space.

Just don't use cotton as a filling, bad bad bad idea... take my word for it!

See you around


Butterfly said...

I'd be afraid to push pins into something that pretty ^^

Maria said...

Thank you! Cotton filling won't let me I won't!

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