Thursday, December 15, 2011

I have a cursed dress

    Let's take things from the beginning. About a month and a half ago I had to go to this wedding. I had one week time (excluding work and sleep hours) to sew a new dress, because, as every woman, I have an empty closet!
   I looked through my patterns and I found the perfect one. Simple but elegant. Long, black, made of satin crepe, while using both sides of the fabric, front slit. Just perfect. It is pattern 110 from BWF 12/2006.
   So I went fabric shopping and I found the exact same black satin crepe! Can you  imagine my joy? On a very good price too. I got all my notions and I headed home with a big smile on my face.
   I cut the pattern pieces, sewed up a muslin, tried it on and ohhh so perfect. A few dart adjustments, as always, a little bit on the shoulder and let's make that decolte a little wider... perfect! I transfered the alterations on the paper pattern and I was on fire and on schedule! It was Saturday night.
    In the following days I cut the fashion fabric and I begun to sew. Everything was going smoothly. I decided not to line the dress. I was calm, concentraded and I was progressing fast. ...until I realised that for a while I was sewing with long stitches. I check and recheck my sewing machine's setting and what I had chosen was not what my machine was doing. While trying to adjust everything from scratch, I heard a snap. Something broke...
   So I'm standing still, not breathing, having a half finished dress on my lap, while the clock was ticking, staring at a broken machine. Come on sewing machines don't just break. What on earth happened? I pulled my self together and I tried making a couple of stitches on a scrap piece of fabric. My machine was still sewing in big basting stiches, as before. And that was the only thing "she" could do. No adjustings and settings allowed, not even zic zac in big basting stitches. Only straight basting stitch. Just 4 days (working days for me) before the wedding. Crap...
  No time to take the machine for a repair, no alternative choice for what to wear that day. So I settled down with my options and decided to keep sewing, even with basting stitch. After all the dress is black, my fabric is good quality and I know how to make things work. And I did. I had mittered corners, self faced seam allowances (no zic zac stitch remember?), hong kong finished hem, hand sewn front slip. I had everything a night gown calls for. And I looked stunning in it!
    I went to the wedding and a couple of days later my machine went to the "doctor". Now she's back and all healthy. The "doctor" said what happened to her was very weird!
    For the next weeks the dress had been sitting on a chair waiting to be hand hemmed again, because my heel ripped of the old hemming while dancing. By the way I haven't still done that and I'm not sure if I will!!!
   Last Saturday I decided to photo shoot me, with the dress on. I hadn't done it so long, because I was hopping I would get the chance to take some pics in the sunshine, but since that never happened...
   So I got all dressed up, cleaned the room, made my setting, fixed the tripod, took my camera off it's case and it slipped right of my hands, fell on the floor, not on the carpet, on the floor and it broke. Now it's totally dead. I can't turn it on, the lens won't move a bit. Took a big breath, took the memory card out. I had taken a test shoot with the dress. My PC won't read the memory card.
   So let's think about this again :
   - while I was sewing the dress my sewing machine broke down
   - while I was photo shooting the dress my camera broke
   if that's not a curse what is??? I swear to you, I wanted to scream so hard and rip that dress off.
   To be honest with you, I didn't try hard enough to "read" that memory card. I'm afraid that the moment that picture will be on my PC's screen, my PC will shut off and never turn on again! I'm afraid that if I manage to upload that single photo on my blog, my blog will be forever erased! I'm afraid you'll have to settle with this story and no photos. The cursed dress is folded in the bottom of my closet and will remain in the dark for a long long time!

   The bad news is that, I'm afraid, I can't blog without a camera. How will I show you my finished wrap? How will I show you my new scarf? How will I show you my Christmas crafting? Until I'll be able to fix that camera or buy a new one please be patient with me.
   That's all folks. Now I have to go write Santa a letter, asking for a new camera.

 See you around

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