Sunday, December 11, 2011

Burda Style 1/2012 preview

    Hello everybody! I'll cut right into the chase! 
This dress is the right reason to buy the January issue.

What's not to like about it? It's simple, elegant, with draping details, 
fully covers one shoulder, so it can be for winter or summer.
It's just lovely and the side zip version is so hip!

Another version of it, for a more fairy like look!

If you are looking for one more reason, this is the one!

This is THE feminine dress, made of suet leather for this model.
Look at the lines.
What's not to love about it?
Unfortunately it won't be suitable for a fabric with a pattern.

This is a dress that calls for satin crepe, used from both sides.
This fabric turned out to be my favourite.
I still have a story to share with you, but when something goes wrong...
it goes wrong!

I'm not really sure about that side panel,
but it looks lovely, doesn't it?

I also love this one

Yes I'm all about dresses...

Here's a jacket pattern with a unique design.

And if you're looking for a coat with a caracter

I like the obvious waist line in this one.

Beautiful cross body blouse 
(although these are not my favourites, 
I never manage to tie them and have them stay the right way)

I may give this cute little bolero a try.
It's tiny but it can pull your whole look together.

How about some pin up lingerie?

My next think to love about this issue is this costume idea!

Modell Φωτογραφία

You may take a look of the rest models in the Russian Burda Style site.

See you around

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