Wednesday, December 21, 2011

New McCall's patterns

   for spring 2012. I know it's too early. Winter has not shown it's real face here yet, but we can think of sewing ahead, right? I couldn't help but noticing these cute patterns.

This would be lovely for the office and I do have a lot of waist belts to match it, hmmm let's think about it...

I so want this and I did get a new lace the other day! That pattern is ideal for lace, look at the minimal seams.

Not really my style, but it sure would be comfortable for dance class.

I loooooove the raglan sleeves so much.

Isn't the transparent one an interesting idea? I wonder where I could find suitable material for that ... and if my machine will like to sew it!

Multiple pattern envelopes! My favorites, jacket, top, patns, dress and skirt.

Last but not least, an ideal dress for strech knits. I'm so glad to see a sleeved version! Why don't they have dresses with sleeves?

See you around

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