Thursday, March 1, 2012

Wilma Flintstone costume

    I just love carnival! Not only for the parties, happy atmosphere and the fact that you can go out on the street looking like crazy and no one will stare at you, but also for the crafting possibilities. It's limitless!
   This year I decided to be Wilma Flintstone! I came up with the idea just a day before the party I would go to. It was a speed race and I was lucky enough to remember that Burda had a pattern about this exact costume a couple of months ago. I'm saying lucky because memory and me are two very separate ideas! 
   I had so much fun making this dress and it was really quick. Of course I didn't really care about couture details and a spotless inside of the clothe. As long as it fitted me right and I looked like Wilma I was happy.

Sorry about the wrinkles.
When I came from the party I just throw it on a chair and then I got too lazy...

I had a hard time styling the wig.
I couldn't find anything better in orange than a long hair wig.
I made the updos my self and it took too long and too many bobby pins!

See you around

PS. I also made Fred Flintstone, but I'm afraid I can't show that costume for the moment. I need to get it back in my hands first or get some proper pictures.


Unknown said...

Can i pay you to make me a wilma costume?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the offer but I'm afraid not! Do you sew? It's super easy and there is nothing to worry about, because nothing can go wrong. No hems to finish, no super fit needed. Just dive into it. The pattern is dress 151 from Burda Style issue 1/2012 but if you can't find it just use any fit and flare dress, or even the bodice of a dress, cut off one shoulder and for the skirt just gather a rectangle piece of fabric. Good luck!

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