Thursday, March 22, 2012

How to add a zip closure to a purse

   Do you like my new purse?

I got it from Zara a few weeks ago.
I just loves it's shape and colour combination, which matches almost any outfit and is suitable for both winter and summer.
The only default is that it's only closure is this magnetic snap.

This is not enough to keep my things safe, either from stealing or from ending up on the middle of the street, should I drop the purse! I have to think of any possible scenario! Anyway I have a thing with purses and closures. I need them to close neatly to feel secure.

So here's what I made to solve this problem... because not buying the bag was not an option!

1. This is pretty easy. Measure the opening of the purse and divide the width by 2.
So for example my purse is 36 X 9. The opening I will make has to be 36 cm at length and 9 cm width. It will be split in two by a zip, so 9/2 = 4.5 cm. Right?

2. Now cut 2 pieces of fabric, matching the colour of the purse lining or purse it's self. Each one should measure 36cm length and 9cm width, because it will be folded in two. Add seam allowances. Mine is just one cm.

3. Sew each fabric piece on the zip, folded in half and enclosing the raw edges in the pieces. This would be easier if you press the seam allowances in. It doesn't have to be perfect. No one will see it, but you.

4. Now all that's left to do is sew your closure to the purse.
This can only be done by hand. 
Determine a straight line in the purse lining. There may already be some kind of line to follow, if not just draw one with tailors chalk.

Here's how mine looks from the inside and outside.

Unfortunately I forgot to divide and my closure and it ended up having double the width it should have... 

Even so, I don't mind, because I can use that extra space it creates to place a bottle of water!

See? It creates just the right shape and it fits perfectly! Ha ha

That's how the purse looks all secured!

See you around 


AllisonC said...

Great solution, thanks for sharing!

Claire (aka Seemane) said...

Great idea! :)

Claire (aka Seemane) said...

Great idea! :)

Maria said...

Thank's guys! I see you may have had the same problem too!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much. I used this tutorial today for a purse I had made out of a wool jacket. It was a perfect solution. Thanks for sharing!

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