Friday, March 16, 2012

Burda 4/2012 preview

    I'm not really sure what to say about this issue. There are a couple of patterns that will make me buy it, but apart from those, it's really food for thought. I don't like looking or dressing like everyone else does and this month there are some really interesting patterns to give you a unique look. Let' see.

So very 60's.
Not my first choice, but I do have fabric I could use ...and if I do get that six pack until summer (!) it will be a great choice for an elegant appearance after the beach, don't you think? As you can see the design is very very easy and depending on the fabric of course, you can wear it as a bolero, over your shirt.
 126B 0412 B126-042012-M

The classic pencil skirt!
So classic, so classy! It doesn't flatter every figure though. You may adjust it to fit you of course. Lower the waist or expand the hem, I know it won't be pencil then, but straight, but you will get the effect!

118B 0412 B118-042012-M

Nice accessory idea, you can make with almost any material
127 0412 B

Another great dress. By now you would know I have a thing about dresses and lace. So this one is the perfect combination! Actually you don't need a pattern to do this. I mean you can replace fabric pattern pieces with lace in any design, as long as it makes sence to you!

103B 0412 B

I would wear this if I was to dance tango again! Fire!
It looks it's cut on the bias. So bring on those curves!
Interesting darts in front.
128A 0412 B128-042012-M

Ι looove this one! I'm curious how you do that think on the sleeve head...
Maybe this could be the cropped jacket - bolero style that actually fits good on me.
124 0412 B

Did you miss these? I didn't! Ha ha! Well, the more I see them in fashion magazines the more I'm thinking about making one. Last summer I tried on a couple and I looked many of those girls I see on the street wearing them! Sorry... But, if I was to make one, I would make it to flatter me and look good on me, as I know my bodytype. Anyway you know I probably won't, because my list of projects to be made is too long, and this is right at the bottom of it!
Notice the balloon hem.

This is my second favorite pattern of this issue. I'll show you my first in a while.
I absolutely love it. Simple with a touch!

What do you think about this?
Interesting right? Drapped and flowing. Kind like ancient greek.

This one could be considered as it's plus size version... almost!

Now this is my absolutely favourite pattern.

Unfortunately (for me) it's a plus size pattern... you lucky girls! What's so special about it you would say. Well a straight or pencil skirt is just a skirt. You may look good in it or not. Either way it's just a skirt, especially if it's in one colour. What makes the difference is that fabric texture manipulation. I love it on every skirt. Since I can't sew this for my self, I'll keep it for inspiration. I bet the instructions will be helpfull.

In this issue you will also learn how to make this bracelet from a crocheted doily.

158 0412 B

See you around


Anonymous said...

I love your review of the April Burda - you like quite the same pieces as I do :) I just bought perfect fabric for the dress with puffy sleeves, going to start working on it next week!

Maria said...

Thanks! What kind of fabric did you get?

Anonymous said...

kind of satin in light beige, but a bit thicker than satin. no idea how it is properly called - I always buy fabrics based on the look and touch ;)

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