Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Stash oh my stash

     Hello all! After a weekend off sleep and eat I charged my batteries again and I'm on fire! I decided to do what I've been avoiding for so long... tidy up my fabric stash! I'm talking about hard work. I have to categorize my fabrics in winter and summer, linings and miscellaneous. Fold everything to fit the closet and probably think, in which order to place them, because sometimes it's really hard to pull out the one in the bottom!
   So if you enter my sewing room today you will find fabric all over the floor waiting for it's turn to be placed in the closet. I'm afraid I will have to find a new place for my knitting and embroidery stuff... See I mostly buy fabric because I like it. I may thing this will be for a dress or a jacket, but I rarely have a pattern in mind. So I buy a bit extra and when I sew the garment I just can't throw the left over scraps away... Scraps make a great stash. Not only you can use them to fix the original garment, if something should happen to it, but also for other projects, as trims, bias tape, lining etc So I have a lot of fabric! More than I can sew and more than my closet (of clothes, not fabric) could ever fit!
  How big is your stash? How often do you buy fabric? Do you buy it for a specific pattern or emotionally (kind like over eating!)? Let me know about your fabric shopping habits. I'll be back soon!

See you around

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