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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Burda 2/2012 preview

   So, February issue brings us colour blocking. Don't you love it? Vivid colours you never though you could  match together, look just perfect! This issue is not overall my style, but there are some really good patterns. Let's take a look. 

Here's a dress you don't see in every window.
I love the matte and shiny effect. I always do!
Look at this detail though. There is a side zip while there are pockets... this could be tricky,
but this shouldn't prevent you off sewing this dress in any way. 
If you find it impossible to get a good result as it is, just move the zip to the back.
Even if it won't be in the middle, it would look good.

I absolutely adore this design.
Look at the colour combination. The pattern lines. The back exposed zip.
I so want this one. 

You may have it as a pencil skirt too.
I'm not sure what I prefer most!

How about in one colour?

What do you think about this jacket?
I would love it for spring.

Cute right?

This issue also offers a really hip collection for mama's to be!
All the patterns are basic, so they can be embellished and adopted to any style. 





and dress

In the plus size section, you may find some basic patterns, that, with the right fabric selection, can be used as formal wear too.





That's most of it. I am getting this issue for that adorable colour blocked dress.
What's your reason?

See you around

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