Monday, January 23, 2012


   This was a last minute project. Totally last minute actually! Remember the story about the cursed dress and the wedding? Well since my dress was so formal, I needed girly touch!
    I saw these cute headbands in a store and I found them really flattering, when I tried a few on. I love the way they look with my bangs. When I saw the price tag, I though "no way, I'm making this on my own!". They were really expensive, for absolutely no reason.
   Anyway, since all that nightmare was going on with the dress and my sewing machine (broken down sewing machine, while the dress was half finished and I was running out of time), I didn't find the time to make a headband...until 2 hours before the wedding. 
   I found this black elastic but plain head band in my drawer and all I needed was felt and beads. I love having a stash!

   I didn't use any pattern for the beading. I just decided I wanted circles and I started sewing the beads. I also applied a few hot fix rhinestones, with my new hot fix setter. They don't really show, but I'm pleased with the result, because this was the first time I ever used my hot fix setter. 
    It's super easy to make one. Just improvise. Imagination is the key.

See you around

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