Sunday, August 28, 2011

Back for good :-(

     I'm back from vacations :-(
    I don't feel like sewing though... that's weird, but it's probably because I'm still mentally swimming in blue seas and taking long walks in sandy beaches. 
    Just before I left for my last trip to Crete, I couldn't help it and I made one more shirred dress. These are the best. Easy to make, easy to fit for almost anyone and with a few accessories you can look stunning. This last one was made for my friend Popi.
    Here is my little model at Knossos Palace

and then for shopping

    I used this beautiful white cotton eyelet. I lined the dress with white cotton and for it's one back seam I used a French seam. I was too excited and in such a hurry, cause I was travelling the next day and I didn't take photos of the finished dress... 

See you around

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