Thursday, June 2, 2011

I got the blues!

    I'm so proud of my self! Really I am! This dress was not easy to make. Not because of the pattern. That was pretty simple. But because of the way I had to handle the lace. But I did it! I'm very pleased with the fitting. I used methods I hadn't tried before, like hong kong underling and bias binding.
    I cut a muslin, which I had to alter in the usual points, back darts, hip area, length. I also found out something I had never noticed before. 
    The bust darts were kind of funny, when I realized they were too low. I went through my closet and I discovered that in all my clothes, that had similar darts, those darts were placed approximately 3 fingers below the armhole. The ones in my muslin were 4,5 fingers below (yes I do use fingers some times a measure!). So I moved them up and the problem was solved. From now on I will pay attention to the place of the bust darts.

     I used an invisible zip, which I came to regret later, cause I have to be very careful not to rip the lace as I'm opening and closing it. It's not easy being careful with your hands on your back...

Bias binding for the armholes and neckline.

That's how the hem looks.

and that's how the darts show, if you observe closely

front and back

The dress is pretty comfortable too.
I spent hours dancing in it last weekend and it stayed unharmed!

See you around


Naan Pocen said...

Lovely. Simple and Elegant.

Maria said...

Thank's a lot Naan. Simple is what I wanted, even though I had lace in my hands!

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