Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Bad behaviour

    Have you ever come across it? Of course you have, who hasn't? How about as a sewer? Here's my story. 
   As you know I'm self taught. I never had time to take sewing lessons and all I know I owe it to books, magazines and all those bloggers, who are kind enough to share their knowledge. 
   Here in Greece it's difficult to find all those fancy notions I see on blogs. Some times it's even hard to find those useful accessories for my sewing machine. It's a Singer. A well know brand in sewing machines. But I guess the distributors thing only professional seamstresses sew here. 
   This wasn't the first time I was asking around for presser feet that make stuff, like a binder, or a foot for blind stitching, or bias tape. They looked at me like as if I was an alien, wondering why I need them. Well I do and I don't have to tell you why, just tell me if you can order it for me or not. 
   There was this particular shop owner, I'm not going to his shop again, who claimed that all I've read, about that special foot I'm on the hunt for, does nothing as I found on the internet. He even asked the link to see with his own eyes, because he was absolutely certain no such presser foot exists! Can you believe it? And he may be a bad character I don't care, it's the look they give you... ok just make straight seams, why are you bothering me?
   I'm not professional and not sewing dozens of dresses for people I don't know, doesn't mean I can't sew mine and make them much better that the ones I would have bought. You don't have the right to underestimate me. 

See you around


Anonymous said...

i feel sorry to hear this just ignore them :) Mean people are every where. You can order from and the courier fees are usually around 6 euro, something like this ( i don't know if it's too much for you ....but if you buy more things, i think it worth) And congratulation for all your projects; I was impressed to find put you didn't take any classes :) Καλη συνεχεια !!!

Maria said...

Thanks a lot! I found the solution! I'll let you know soon!

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