Friday, June 3, 2011

Insprired by Dior

    I walked by Dior's window a couple of hours ago and I saw this dress, that Leighton Meester wore at the screening of Screen Gems' "Country Strong".



    It's a gorgeous dress from Dior's Spring 2011 Collection. You can't really see the detail in this photo. But I had the chance to observe it through the window! Have you ever heard of t-shirt yarn? Well this dress is made by the same method, sort off. Fabric strips, delicate silk chiffon, knitted. Yes knitted, in this fabulous dress. I believe we can see the purled side here. Don't tell me you don't feel tempted to try this out... I know you do!

    The moment I got to a PC I went through Dior's Collection to find more pictures. This is what I got.

Beautiful mini crocheted skirt in nude colour, made of silk chiffon. The description says macrame, but I can see crocheting. Maybe it refers to the bottom of the skirt.

Sorry for the headless pic. I used Print Screen to capture the pictures, from the detailed view and that's how much my screen could fit.
Here's another view

And a more modest take of the idea

    It's funny because I've been thinking about recycling some old t-shirts with the t-shirt yarn method these days. This Collection gives a whole new perspective...
Here's a very good tutorial about this method and here are some good ideas what to do with it :
rag or rag, placemat, pouch or even purse or tote and the list goes on and on.  
    I wonder though, with t- shirt yarn you don't bother with the edges of the yarn. But if you are dealing with silk chiffon...well you should. How could we manage that? Serge them? Too much thread in the yarn... leave then like that... well Dior didn't, but it would be an interesting experiment. Make loops out of the fabric strips? ...hours of work, many hours, lot's of hours. What do you think?

See you around

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