Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fashion findings

    I was out shopping with a friend the other day. We went at Zara and look what I found at the TRF section, for 26 Euros.


Does it remind you of anything?



Last summer's obsession dress for many women is now available. Sarah Jessica Parker wore this dress on the movie "Sex and the City 2". Actually she wore two of them.

Halston Heritage Iconic Pleated Long Dress in Orange

 Of course the quality of fabric is not the same. The Zara dress is 100% polyester, although the original Halston is made of 90% Silk, 10% Metallic and the Lining is 100% Silk.
I bet you can spot the unflattering difference between the two. On the Zara dress the "blouse" section is longer and hits the belly button. On the contrary the Halston dress reaches down to the waist line, giving a more feminine look. The skirt looks shorter too. I totally prefer the original. Don't you?
See you around

P.S.: I didn't buy it if you're asking!

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