Thursday, June 16, 2011

I was only looking for a comic book

     Yesterday I was looking for a comic book, with nice colourful illustrations, to use in a craft. I have to say I was disappointed. What's with all the massacres, and monsters, and vampires, and dark evil creatures? I couldn't find one page with nice illustrations in a gigantic bookstore. Pffff I guess I'll have to look on line.
    I found this magazine instead. It's been so long since I've knitted. I have a half knitted scarf. Maybe I should pick it up on September to have it ready for winter. Knitting is a couch hobby for me. I mean, when I'm sewing I'm alone at my sewing station, deep in my thoughts. But when I'm knitting I want to be in front of the TV with the rest of the family. Of course mistakes will happen this way, but mistakes are to be corrected right?
    I already have some magazines about knitting from the '90s and '00s, but I rarely see any hip knitting patterns. I have to say I was impressed with this magazine. You can take a look at its content here.
    I'll give you a taste of my favourite designs.

    I would definitely wear these dresses. As far as my knowledge on knitting goes, any girl could wear these dresses, cause they are knitted horizontally (I hope this makes sence) and they should flatter any body type.

        I totally love the long blouse on the left. It's ideal for summer nights, don't you think?

    I would also like to have these two blouses on the right. To be totally honest with you, I'm not up for knitting right now. But it's nice to have these options when ever I' ll feel like it. I'll definitely look for some winter issue some time.

See you around

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