Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Burda 7/2011 early preview

    Ok, I have to say I was not impressed by what I saw, expect one item... The pictures are lovely, with wonderful colours. Most of the clothes are shapeless, something I don't like at all, but others do. Here are the models.

It looks like a balloon dress, with no defined waist. 
I wonder if the model has pulled the dress up or if  that bagging is part of the design.

The description don't mention, but I hope there will be a pattern for the pants too.

Interesting. Would you sew it?

Trousers and blouse. Not my style but who knows...

This is lovely. So aerial. 

Kind of weird. I'll wait for the technical drawing.

Nice dresses, with unusual details.

Lovely tulip mini skirt.

THE dress! Is it plus size?
It's wonderful. Who ever sews that, may not wear it many times, but will have a stunning dress!
Look at the different kinds of fabric.

These two too!
Some of the best plus models I've seen.

I kept the best for the end.

Isn't it perfect? One shoulder, but so dramatic. 
Simple dress on the one side, Hollywood glamour on the other side.
I love it. 
I imagine wearing it at a summer night, with a light breeze, on vacations on an island.
Think of all the styles you can pull with it.
Shorten the hem or lengthen it to make a red carpet dress!
I can't wait to have this pattern in my hands!

Let me know your opinion

See you around


Jane S. said...

I enjoy seeing all these previews, and reading your comments! In response to your question about the third picture, "Interesting. Would you sew it?" I'd have to say no. My hips look big enough, I don't need the saddlebag pockets on my hips as well! :)

Maria said...

Hi Jane! Thank you, your comments mean a lot to me!

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