Thursday, April 28, 2011

Unexpected inspiration!

    Have you bought the last issue of Burda (May)? I did yesterday. I always check what's in it through the website and lately I've found my self disappointed a few times. I've been buying Burda issues since 2005. Not every issue, only those I thought they had patterns I could make. I came to regret those choises many times, cause I changed my mind about fashion and what looks good on  me, or cause I've seen what someone else did with a pattern I don't have...
   I believe Burda has changed. I mean, when I look back at the issues from 2005 and 2006, I see conservative patterns. Classy, but mostly for more mature women. I thought so then, I still do now, that I'm older and I have a job which requires some clothing standard.  
   Through the last years Burda adopted a more hip view on things. Added a lot of curent fashion patterns and expanded ones choises. Unfortunately, there was a period most, if not all, of the patterns in an issue where too hip for me and any other girl (judging from some conversation at the Burdastyle discussion board) and without shape.
   So the May issue came as a surprise to me. It has a combination of hip and vintage and conservative (check out the last photo).

   Look at this
hip, summery dress, with smoking on the bust.
Elastic smoking was all over last summer and many sewers had troubles trying to make their machines use elastic tread!
Well I didn't really need a pattern for that, but someone may did.

How about this
Modell Photo

very simple pattern of a very versatile shirt, made of jersey or such fabric.

Or these.
Modell Photo

I think I am going to make these ones. And I mean both the trousers and military jacket!
The drawing shows a very promising pattern and that back yoke always makes the fitting easier.

But this is my favorite

Modell Photo

It doesn't really show much in this pic.

Here you can see the detail on the front

I love love love it and I do do do want it!
Next time I'll go fabric shopping I'll have my mind set to finding a nice airy fabric for this.

This looks very promissing too.
Modell Photo

But I'm not sure how it looks in normal and not model posture.
I mean the desing is boxy
and the other version / pic doen't really help

Modell Photo

Don't look at the back fitting, it's probably the wind blowing!

And if the above were my favorites and have been added to my wish list, these are to be avoided

Modell Photo

Please don't make me wear this neck line, with these sleves and that full skirt...
I've seen so many full skirted dresses on Burda l've had enough.
I'm even surprised this one didn't have a gathering and has pleats istead.

And here's the skirt version

I thought I liked this dress, but eventually I don't

 I don't know much about pattern designing but there's something weird in this one.
I like it more as a drawing.

This is much better,

Modell Photo

but I've noticed that the bust sits funny on the models.
The cups are kind of pointy and seem empty, although both models do have breasts!

And some blast from the past.

Modell Photo

The wonderful 80's are all around us!

How do you feel about this one?

If I'll go for it I'll omit the baggy back

cause it probably looks like in this dress, with the Peter Pan collar.

Modell Photo

See you around

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