Sunday, April 17, 2011

Take number three...

    I'm back trying to fit that skirt. Did it work? No it didn't. As I told you in my previous post, I traced and cut a size 36. I did manage to get into the skirt, but I didn't like at all the way it hugged my body, everything was exposed, in a not good way!
    I thought ok, don't give up. I cut the lining too, thinking that sometimes the lining helps the way the fabric behaves when worn. I basted the lining on the skirt and I tried it on again... no change, not one at all. 
     I thought ok, it has to do with the pattern. See those curved pieces help showing up and leveling up the curves I already have, so I should eliminate them. To achieve that I taped piece no. 23 to the front skirt panel and I cut a new piece of muslin. 

    I sewed everything together. Did it work? No it didn't... urg! I've had enough with this pattern. I still have a glimpse of hope inside me, that if I cut it from a stiff woolen fabric it will flatter me more. So I kept the paper pattern and lining and threw everything else away, thinking I'll pick a new skirt to sew in the next few days.

    Conclusion : If you are a skinny girl, that wants to look more curvy, this is an ideal pattern. But if you are a curvy girl like me, with a mediterranean body type do avoid it, cause at all three muslin takes I looked like I was wearing Pampers and trust me it wasn't good. Never the less, I have to admit it's a very easy pattern and quick to make. 

See you around

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