Thursday, April 21, 2011

Daisy eggs!


   Today it's Big Thursday for the Orthodoxes, but we also call it Red Thursday. According to our tradition and religion, this is the day you can dye eggs and they won't go rotten. Red eggs symbolize the sacrifice of Jesus.
    In my family we put floral and herbal prints on our eggs and I'm going to show you how.
    Here is my pot with boiled eggs and a package of egg dye. It contains the coloured powder, a pair of gloves and polish, which I threw right away. I'm replacing that one with olive oil. 

    Take an old pair of panty hoses, to wrap the eggs, before you boil them, while carefully placing leaves or flowers, between the egg shell and the panty hose, like this.

I used daisies, anise and parsley leaves.
Wrap them tight.
Boil the egss and follow the instractions of your egg dye.

Egg dyes usually tell you to add wine vinegar. Add a lot of it. Vinegar thins the calcium on the eggs shells and helps the dye to act.
Take the eggs off the dye and let them dry completely.  

Use a pair of scissors to take off the panty hose and peel off the herbal leaves, than have sticked on the egg shells, because they boiled with them.
Sorry I didn't take photos at this point, but I was to messy to touch my camera!
This is the first one I unwrapped, but I'll have to throw it away, cause it slipped my hands and it!

Isn't it cute?
Please don't use the polish you will find in your egg dye package. We don't need any more chemistry.
Take a big piece of cotton and put some olive oil on it.

Use it to carefully polish your eggs. 
(If you try to polish them before they dry completely, the red dye will peal off. Be patient)

Here are mine.

I totally love this one.

The yellow colour came from the daisy. Doesn't it look like you used paint and brush?
Happy Easter!

See you around.

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