Sunday, April 17, 2011

I must be doing something wrong...

    While I was struggling to have skirt 116 from Burda Magazine 9/2010 fit, I met this problem. I think it has to do something with geometry, but I can't find out what! Do you have any clue?
    Here's the paper pattern. Very carefully traced and cut and as I checked twice each curved piece matches the  other pattern piece perfectly.

But when the pieces were sewn together I ended up with this

As you can see, only one seam was a perfect match (don't pay any attention to the pointy pieces, if this wasn't a muslin they would be cut off). Here's a close look.

Why does' this happen? Every single piece and every single side of every single piece has the same seam allowance and has been checked twice. If I go pinning the back skirt panel it looks like this

So my seam line leaves out some pattern parts. 
Here's a close with a drawn seam line.

There has to be some kind of an answer. Do you know it by the way?

See you around


Anonymous said...

did you find out what happened?

Maria said... I have an idea though. I'll have to test it and I'll let you know.

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