Saturday, April 16, 2011

New hat!

    I really needed a spring hat to wear after the gym, to avoid catching a cold. I searched the local shops, but I found no hat or price to my taste. So what does a seamstress do? She makes one on her own! I observed one at Accessorize, measured my head, did some math, forgot to add seam allowances (!) and voila! A perfect hat, with six triangle panels. 

Maybe wearing it with the coordinating jacket is too much, but I won't be wearing the jacket to and from the gym!

   The front part is interfaced with heavy woven interfacing and has multiple seams, parallel to it's edge to make it stand on it's own and not fall in my eyes. I thought about inserting a thin piece of plastic or cardboard, but I'm glad I didnt', there was no need after all!

    I used three fabric buttons for embellishment. One in pink, one in black and the third in pink and black!
The hat is also fully lined in lilac. 

See you around

PS. There is a very good pattern of such a hat here, if you want one of your own.

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