Sunday, April 17, 2011

Next please!

    So much inspiration these days...
This will be my next skirt.

Pattern 116 from BWF 9/2010.

I've already cut a muslin for it. Actually two.
    This is the first time I ever made a muslin and boy was that a smart thing to do! The first time I made my usual alterations, size 36 on the waist, size 38 on the hips... I'm pear shaped you see, but it didn't work out. See those curved pattern pieces? Well while tracing and altering I completely forgot and didn't take into account that I would also alter the shape of the skirt and I ended up with a ridiculous skirt. The back vent, in the front and back panel, did not match and the skirt was awfully long. I am not sure why was that. I am not a short girl and I usually don't have that kind of issues with BWF patterns, but who cares this is not a big problem.
    So I took a deep breath and decided to trace the pattern again as a size 36 this time, hopping it will still fit my hips. I sewed the muslin again and I am still not pleased with the result. I'll tell you soon about the problems I met. I'll put that project at pause mode for a while, to clean my head and I'll be Easter crafting instead!

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