Saturday, April 30, 2011

Dress to skirt or skirt from dress!

    I found this fake leather dress on sales and it was practically a steal. If my memory serves me right I bought it for 8 or 10 Euros. I bought it though it didn't fit me... kind of!

    See when I put it on, I realised that, although it said size 38, the torso length was way too short and the waist stood on the wrong place. I think it was a petit pattern, sized as a non-petit. If I put the bust right, the dress was too short and the "belt" piece was hitting my ribs. But if I lowered the whole dress (leaving my bust uncovered) it looked nice as a skirt. That parallel "belt" piece could make a wonderful waist band I thought...hmmm.

   It is very carefully constructed. The lining was sewn all over the dress and bagged in the skirt. The fake leather was also of very good quality, you may think its real leather before you carefully observe it, but is going to be observing very closely my skirt?
  So I bought it, ripped off the bust, shortened the zipper and made a skirt out of it! As I was ripping the lining, in the waist seam, I accidentally ripped off a vertical seam of the skirt, but that gave me the answer on how to sew the lining on the waistband, since it was bagged in the hem. I turned it upside down, sewn everything in place and through that accidentally ripped off seam I turned it over. Then I did a very close seam, no one know it is there!

This is the front

This is the back

and here's a close look at the waistband.

  Now I have to think of something about the left over bust piece... any ideas?

See you around

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