Friday, July 8, 2011

What makes a girl happy!

    Diamonds my be a girl's best friend, but what happens if the girls is a seamstress?
    Remember my angry post, not so long ago? I never went to that man's shop again, but I found a wonderful shop on line, that has a magnificent policy on postal charging. It's a flat rate all over the world! Less than 4 Euro. I'm taking about I found it but chance, but I spent hours and hours choosing stuff, going back and forth to decide what I wanted. I started with a presser foot. A bias binder and I ended up ordering a bunch of stuff. 
   My order came in this morning. I cannot tell you how happy I am. Now I have all these fancy notions I see on sewing blogs and I'll make my sewing life easier. 

    If you too are having problems finding notions in your country or area, this site is a wonderful choice. They are on E-bay too. This is not an advertisement. I don't know the people there, I'm just pleased and I have to say that I got my order very fast, everything is in perfect shape and if I ever need anything again, I will definitely go back.  
    What you see on the picture is a sewing gauge ruler, a measuring gauge gadget, both metal, so I can press over them if I have too, fray check, water soluble tape, 3 different types of presser feet and a snap on adapter that will allow me to put on my machine any kind of snap on foot and 2 types of needles.
    I put all of my presser feet in this pink box that matches my chair, my threads bin and my coaster made of felt! By the way have you noticed that lately industry has discovered felt? Many impressing things come out of those industrial machines.

See you around


Claire (aka Seemane) said...

Yeah, they are a great store, glad you got so many great things! I found them on eBay myself last year (but didn't know they had a seperate website as well!).

P.S. The 14-in-1 sewing gauge is one of my most favourite notions... sooooo useful :)

Pam said...

This looks like an amazing site; thanks for posting the link! The selection looks very good and the shipping policy is the best I've ever seen -- and I'm in the U.S. where there are a lot of options to begin with. I enjoy reading your blog!

Maria said...

Thanks a lot Pam! It took a lot of search to find that on line shop and I'm so glad I did.

YellowRoseTexas said...

Thanks for this; I have not found them in all my "Googles" and they are actually in my state of Texas; I am shopping today :)

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