Sunday, July 10, 2011

Beach dress!


    Have you seen all these bags and dresses with a draping made by big wooden beads? Well I did and I thought it would be easy to make one of my own. 

    Ι made this beach dress. To be honest with you, I was going for a sun dress, but wrong choice of fabric led to a beach dress. It's ok I guess. I should have used a lighter fabric... next time!

And this is the back

It goes beyond the bra line.

I tried my wing needle, that I got from, at the hem. 
What do you think?
If the fabric was lighter, considering the tread tension, the design would have been more obvious...

(Sorry I'm not modelling the dress my self, I need to make some arrangements for a shooting space.) 

For the beads

I bought two of these bracelets with wooden beads, a euro each.
I tested that their colour won't end up on the fabric, by wrapping one of them in a piece of fabric and washing it.

Their actual size is this

I have a bit less than a bracelet left, I should find some use for it.

See you around


Anna Cole said...

I love this dress !!
Do you have a PDF pattern for it ? pretty please ;0)

Maria said...

Hi! Yes I do!
It is this one
If you are lucky enough, you can download it for free on a fixed size.

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