Wednesday, July 27, 2011

How do you do it?

    I'm trying really hard to organize my space these days. It takes a lot of efford to gather one's strenght in the middle of the summer, a bit before vacations, to work, instead of kicking back. I should be sewing beach dresses and playsuits, but instead I'm going around chassing my tail!
    I just wonder how you ladies do it. I see a pattern on line or in a magazine and in few days, bang, someone has posted pictures. Why does it take me so long to get around a pattern? Could it be my little free time? How do you find the time to gather all your material (I bet you don't have every little thing in your stash) and complete a project? Could it be there is always a big list of projects in my mind? Urg... It's too early in the morning to keep thinking about it. If I'm lucky I should make a big progress with my work today.

See you around

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