Thursday, July 28, 2011

Mom's new dress

This is Burda 5/2008, model 117.
Quite easy pattern,with grossgrain ribbon details.

Flatters a woman with a tummy, like my mother.

This is the back.
Simple with no gatherings, just two waist darts.

I used this method to sew the lining to the zip and I loooooooved it so much.
No more boring hand sewing and annoying tape scratching my skin!

Perfectly aligned edges too.

An internal view of the front.

I did this little trick with this dress. I know how to fit me, but with mother is not as easy.
So, since I was bored to cut a muslin and then the dress and then the lining, I used the lining as a muslin!
If something went wrong I would cut a new lining. 
So after fitting adjustments and all, I had perfectly made the lining and all there was left to do is make the rest of the dress.
So much easier. I'm going to do this again.

I also added the seam allowances on the paper pattern.
I don't know why I had never done this before.
I started sewing Burda patterns and I got used to the process of adding the seam allowances, but it gets so boring and mistakes are easy to happen.
I remember my enthusiasm the first time I used a pattern with included seam allowances!!!
You go through the process once and that's all!
The pattern pieces align so much better too.

My only complain is that after all the pressing I did, the fabric still won't lie flat at the edges...
Hopefully I doesn't look like that on her.

See you around

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