Saturday, July 16, 2011

Newspaper shoe bag

Ι had promised a friend to make her a dancing shoe bag, like mine.

The other day she had her birthday, so it was a perfect chance.

I made it two sided, so she can pick her favourite.

At the fabric store, they told me this is a Pop Art fabric.
Cotton canvas if you ask more.

I also got to try my brand new bias binder foot.
It works miracles.
I'm telling you, whoever thought of that was a genius!
I'll soon come back with more to talk about this marvellous presser foot.

Do you give out your creations as presents?
How do people react?

This is a free download pattern from the Singer webpage.
I could locate it if you like.

See you around


Claire (aka Seemane) said...

Lovely fabric & lucky friend to received such a cute bag!

Is it this pattern Reversible Loop-Handle Purse :)?

Maria said...

Yeap this one! Have you tried it? It works really well and you can minimize it or maximize it as much as you want.
You can have it double sided or not. Use a bias tape or not. Unlimited options.
My friend certainly looked happy!

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