Monday, July 11, 2011

Burda 8/2011 early preview

    This issue will take you to fall and it's damn early to think about fall! I never sew before the time is here and that's probably why I never have enough time to have everything ready... no one is perfect!
Let's have a look at the most interesting patterns of this issue. 

Blouse and balloon skirt. 
I like the blouse, but I really hope there will be a way to omit some of these layers.
Do you think there will be a pattern for the knitted blouse too?

A dress I certainly wouldn't wear with socks!
It kind of looks with no defined waist... I'll wait for the technical drawing.

Nope, no,  no, no, no I want wear this, let alone sew it.
I like capes, but at this length they are not flattering or easy to move around.

Would you say this is '70s or 60's?
The pattern looks interesting although the fabric catches my eye and I can't really tell.

This one makes me wonder. 
Will it be backless?
Will I look like a superhero?
Is it just a scarf effect?
We'll find out soon I guess and I'm sure there will be something interesting.
It's nice to see a fall/winter dress with sleeves.
They are usually sleeveless and you have to find a matching bolero or cardigan, that changes the whole outfit.

This jacket I like it!
I even have a fabric for it.
Will there be a pattern for the skirt too? Let's hope so.

This one too.

Nice pair of pants in an usual fabric, but very soft jersey.
The side buttons are an interesting element, that adds class to the pants, without reminding of navy pants.

I like the double line of buttons. 
Very military.

What are your comments?

See you around

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