Sunday, October 2, 2011

Couture Sewing Techniques!

by Claire Shaeffer

    You might say I'm getting obsessed with building a library. See you can find almost anything online, but if I need help from a tutorial while I'm sewing and I have to turn on my computer and wait until it's ready to run and find the right wed page or downloaded book (yes you can find some of these too).... pffff I'm so bored, I want everything on my hand. I can spent hours and hours on line visiting blogs and absorbing information, but if I want information now, I want it now!
   I've read so many things about how this book is a treasure and I really thing it is, especially now that it is a part of my sewing library. I'm so proud for this buy! I got it in the mail yesterday, perfectly packed. I'm so excited I want to read it right away... but I can't... I have to study for these exams... And also I can't sew for a while, until I take these exams anyway...

See you around

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