Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Make up crafting!

    I never thought there would be a day that I would be able to say I make-up crafted! But you know how it works. Once you get into the crafting world, you think everything can be fixed and done! Well most things can! 
    I guess we all have a broken compact eye shadow or powder of any kind, right? Isn't it very annoying? Even if you manage to salvage most of the product, you can never use it as you would if it hadn't turn into million of pieces... 
    Being lazy the other day and pinning things on, I came across this article, where Sheila tells us how to fix a broken compact powder product. I'm telling you I couldn't stand still until I tried it out my self!

Yes! I managed to fix my favourite compact powder!
I liked the result so much I did it again!


And after

I have no more broken products, but imagine all the possibilities you have.
You could even merge colours into a new one!
Or create a big palette, that would contain more than one colours!
You can be really artistic about the finish, use textures or your monogram! 
I'm guessing using alcohol is alright since it evaporates, while it sanitizes everything it touches.
Happy make up crafting!

See you around

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